Following the incredible news that the original Misfits will reunite at the multi-day music festival, Riot Fest released a series of teaser videos hinting at other performers we can expect to see in Denver and Chicago. Having now watched the Chicago teaser backwards and forewords a few dozen times, we’ve come up with a list of bands that we predict will play Riot Fest 2016. As a bonus, we’ve even added a few bands from our personal wish list.


Here’s the Chicago teaser video from for those looking to make predictions of their own:



1). Brand New 

In 2013, Brand New played the Chicago and Denver dates in what may take the crown for the most memorable Riot Fest year in history. Pina coladas were sipped out of pineapples, Blink 182 made an appearance, the Replacements reunited, and Taking Back Sunday played a memorable set in Chicago.

This year marks 10 years since the release of Brand New’s third studio album The Devil and God Are Raging Inside of Me. Considering Riot Fest is known for its 10 year anniversary shows, our hopes are high that Jesse Lacey will grace us with “Sowing Season” and “Jesus” this September. Brand New is spending the summer on a co-headlining tour with last year’s Riot Fest headliners, Modest Mouse, and as far as we know it, their schedule is looking wide open for a Riot Fest performance.

Why we think Brand New will play the Chicago Riot Fest: Riot Fest has been posting teaser videos about their performers since before the Misfits announcement, and in the Chicago teaser, the words “until seventy times seven” are said, very likely referencing the band’s anthemic single off Your Favorite Weapon.


2). AFI


Decemberunderground is having its 10th anniversary this year and although frontman Davey Havok has been busy with his yet to be named side project with members of No Doubt, there is no reason to believe that AFI won’t have everyone in the audience chanting “You are now one of us” as he flails his body around the Riot Fest stage. *Can we also go on record saying that we think Davey’s supergroup with Tom Dumont, Tony Kanal, and Adrian Young will make their Riot Fest debut this year?

Why we think AFI will play the Chicago Riot Fest: In the opening sequence of Chicago’s Riot Fest teaser video, we hear a voice say: “Jack the Ripper is still one of the world’s most notorious and infamous serial killers”. Now, while many potential Riot Fest performers have songs named for Jack the Ripper (My Chemical Romance, LL Cool J, Whitechapel), we believe the video is specifically referencing the song “Jack the Ripper” off of AFI’s seventh studio release Decemberunderground.


3). Set Your Goals


Since coming out of “deep hibernation” as rhythm guitarist Audelio Flores once put it, the band played its first few gigs in California with the original SYG lineup before heading out for the SoWhat Music Festival. At the end of the month, Set Your Goals will also play Slam Dunk Music Festival in the UK. Given the band’s recent reformation and the several festivals already lined up for Set Your Goals, wouldn’t it make sense that they also play Riot Fest?

Why we think Set Your Goals will play the Chicago Riot Fest: The Bay Area post-hardcore band’s most successful album, Mutiny! came out in 2006, and as we mentioned earlier, Riot Fest loves paying homage to records celebrating their 10 year anniversaries.


4). Refused


In 2012 the Swedish hardcore punk band reunited. In 2015 they released a new record and this summer the band will be touring Europe and parts of the United States. It should follow then that Refused, who will remain on the road for much of the summer will finish off the season at Chicago’s Riot Fest.

Why we think Refused will play the Chicago Riot Fest: The teaser video features a woman in high heels pumping her car brakes. This could very well be a reference to Refused’s popular single “Pump the Brakes”.


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5). NOFX


The last year has been a huge one for NOFX.  They celebrated the 25th anniversary of Fat Wreck Records (frontman Fat Mike’s record label), played the 2015 Riot Fest, and last month the punk band even released a book titled The Hepatitis Bathtub And Other Stories, chronocling hilarious anecdotes from life on the road. Fat Mike looked like he had way too much fun at last year’s Riot Fest, so we can’t imagine that he wouldn’t want to come back again this year.

Why we think NOFX will play the Chicago Riot Fest: The Riot Fest teaser video references linoleum towels, which we’re almost certain is a reference to NOFX’s 90s single “Linoleum”.



Bands 6-10 from the Riot Fest Chicago Fantasy Wish List…

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