Just days after Baywatch splashes on the big screen, actor-comedian Hannibal Buress, who plays “Dave the Tech” in the movie revival will be spending Memorial Day weekend hosting the comedy stage at Boston Calling. This year’s three day festival features musicians like Weezer, Tool, Chance The Rapper, and Converge, and a number of comedians like Pete Holmes and Lamont Price.

Ahead of the event, LIKEYOUSAID had a chance to speak with Hannibal about his thoughts on the festival circuit and what to expect on the comedy stage. You can read through our interview with Hannibal Buress below.


This is Julia Cole of LIKEYOUSAID. Just for our readers at home, could you tell us your name and what you do?

HB: My name is Hannibal Buress and I’m a comedian that sometimes acts in movies and TV shows.

Did you have any input on the comedy lineup for the show?

HB: No, I didn’t, but I know most of them and worked with a lot of people on there. It’s a solid show.

You’ll be hosting the comedy stage at this year’s Boston Calling. Will you be performing a set as well?

HB: On the two nights I’m hosting I’ll do a short set up top and sometime in between, and then on one of the nights I’m closing with a 40 minute set!

Do you find it hard to do a music festival or does it give you more material to work with?

HB: It’s actually more fun doing a music festival because it’s a specific type of audience and I’m a big music fan. I can make jokes about all the bands performing and different, really specific music. It’s interesting because a lot of nice people are passed out in the middle of a field, and you just wonder where their friends are. There’s a lot of different stuff to draw from that I’m not normally able to do. A lot of the people are on mushrooms, usually a good portion of the crowd is a little bit high… [Laughs]



So who are you excited to see play?

HB: Run the Jewels, Chance The Rapper, I want to see Solange, I haven’t see her live before. That last album was really good, so yeah, it’s going to be a good time. Danny Brown, he’s very lively. I want to check out Mac Demarco— he did an episode of The Eric Andre Show but I haven’t seen him play.

You’ve been on so many shows recently, from Broad City, The Eric Andre Show, and now some big movies, too. How do you maintain the signature Hannibal chill and are you interested in playing against that type?




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