HB: Ummm, I’ve done so a little bit on The Eric Andre Show where we have had some crazy ass moments. It might be cool, but it might be exhausting— that’s one thing about being laidback— you get to conserve a lot of energy. I thinks it’s really fun because if I do have an outburst it makes it more powerful. In my standup I’ll have moment of live energy then I’ll just go back to being relaxed. I just kinda take the fun gigs, and I’ll do my job.

This summer you are coming to the screen in the newest Baywatch revival! Are you a beach guy?

HB: I’m not an outdoorsy guy in general, I’ll go but it’s never my idea. If I go to the beach there is a girl who is suggesting the beach, but once I get there I’m like, “It’s pretty dope.” I have fun going to music festivals, going to a concert or sports event, something like that is more what I get into. Checking out a weird movie is more my kind of stuff.



Any weird movies you want to bring attention to?

HB: That Split movie was weird with James McEvoy, he really gives a great performance, it was crazy.

Alright, just one more to wrap this up. This is a fun one.

HB: Alright, I’m ready.

Boston Calling is taking place right in the middle of the NBA finals. If you see a babe repping an Isaiah Thomas jersey would you say “Hey” or does your Chicago pride run too deep?

HB: No, it doesn’t because I think the Celtics are going to get crushed by the Cavs. I’ll say this about Isaiah Thomas, he’s a goddamn baller but if you’re talking about this chick… Is she giving me the eye or just hanging out? You got to look for certain cues before you just walk up on a girl.

Let’s just assume you’re getting vibes?

HB: The jersey’s not holding me back. I’m not that much of a sports fan but let it be known if Rondo didn’t get injured we would have handled the Celtics.

Thanks Hannibal, we’ll see you at Boston Calling!



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Boston Calling will take place at the Harvard Athletic Complex in Allston, Massachusetts from May 26-May 28. For ticket information and daily lineups, visit the Boston Calling website


Interview and article by Julia Cole.


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