It’s been half a year since Set Your Goals came out of hibernation to make their triumphant return to the stage. The Bay Area pop-punk band has since announced sets at both Riot Fests and broke news that they will be traveling across the world to honor the 10th anniversary of their seminal album Mutiny! The 2006 critically acclaimed release has made more “Essential Pop Punk Albums” lists than we can count and will be reissued on September 20th via Smartpunk.

LIKEYOUSAID recently had the chance to catch up with Set Your Goals vocalist Jordan Brown to talk about what the band has been pursuing individually during their time away and what we can expect from their 10 year anniversary tour. Read the complete interview with vocalist Jordan Brown below.

Set Your Goals went on hiatus from 2012 to 2015 and now you’re finally playing together again. Welcome back! What did each of you do in your time away?

Jordan: It feels so good to be back! We owe it to everyone who kept on us, and wouldn’t let us give up on the band, members and friends we made over so many years of playing and touring (10 plus! crazy!)

Regarding our time away, I went back to school, studying English Language, Composition and Literature, as well as Theater and the Dramatic Performing Arts. I hope to get into directing for the stage one day!

Audelio began working with AKT and District Lines Merch, printing and managing accounts for some of our favorite bands; Four Year Strong, Chunk No Capt. Chunk and many more!

Our drummer Mike started his own woodworks business, building tables out of his shop in Oakland – for businesses and homes all across the US:

Matt, our other singer, got really into stock market trading. He loved Wolf Of Wall Street, and we’ve never seen him so excited and creative. It’s really great for him.

Our bassist, Joe, started a new band called the Great Collapse and has been bottling craft beer in Portland, Oregon.

And our guitar player, Dan, began working in culinary, growing his love for cooking and organic food tasting, however, he recently switched to a new field. He is now working with the School of Rock in Atlanta, teaching kids of all ages how to play instruments, form bands and work together to play cover songs of some of their favorite bands. With public schools cutting music and arts programs, this is more important than ever. They are offered in almost every major city across the US!



How was Slam Dunk Festival in the UK?

Jordan: Amazing! Our favorite festival. We love all festivals. There is something special about this one, though, and I believe it is because, in America, we take for granted getting to see so many excellent bands on one show. It’s a lot harder to organize events like that, fly everyone over from all over the world, so for our friends in Europe, this is a big show, and you can feel that excitement and energy all around no matter where you are walking.

Speaking of the UK, here’s an important one. Who is your favorite Spice Girl?

Jordan: Is all of them an answer? Dream marriage!!!!

[Laughs.] What bands is Set Your Goals planning on touring with next?

Jordan: We just finished a show on Warped Tour with Four Year Strong, The Story So Far and Chunk! No Capt. Chunk. Our next shows include Riot Fest in September with the likes of Hatebreed, The Misfits, Juliette Lewis, The Wonder Years and many others. We’ve recently announced a weekend of East Coast shows in Boston, Philadelphia and New York City with Like Pacific, Misser and Can’t Swim. Lot’s more in the works to be revealed soon!

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