Riot Fest: It’s the perfect blend of punk rock, nostalgia, and just about everything we love in this world. And tomorrow at 9AM central time, the majority of the lineup will be announced.

In 2016, the festival which is known for its rare band reunions and anniversary sets, hosted a massive reunion for the band that said it would never happen — the original Misfits. Tens of thousands of music fans gathered to witness the 80s legends perform “Hybrid Moments”, “Teenagers From Mars” and “Halloween” in the presence of an illuminated pumpkin head. Other notable acts included The Flaming Lips, Brand New, Morrissey, Thursday, Jimmy Eat World, The Specials, Method Man & Redman, Rob Zombie, and The Wonder Years.


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On September 15th, Riot Fest will once again return to Chicago’s Douglas Park for a three day weekend. This Wednesday, April 19th, Riot Fest will reveal the first 70 of 100+ bands playing. To help us get into the spirit, Riot Fest released the following teaser video hinting at some of this year’s most anticipated performers.

Watch below and place your guesses:



No, we can’t say for certain that those peaches in the Win, Lose, or Draw video don’t allude to Presidents of the United States of America or that “Jesse solo” isn’t Riot Fest’s way of confirming that they finally booked Jesse and the Rippers. But we can say that since watching the video, we came up with Riot Fest predictions of our own, some of which were inspired by the game show style clip and others that simply weren’t.


1). Taking Back Sunday

Even if Taking Back Sunday didn’t release a new record and even if their single “Tidal Wave” (which could pass as a Clash track) wasn’t the theme song to the 2016 highlight video that Riot Fest released just last week, we would still put our money on TBS. Riot Fest loves Taking Back Sunday and Taking Back Sunday loves Riot Fest, that’s just no secret.

Why we think Taking Back Sunday will play Riot Fest: They have been involved with the festival in one way in another since 2013, whether that meant performing (2013-2016),  doing a surprise set (2015), or playing a Riot Fest sponsored late night record release after show at The Metro (2016).

Confidence Level: 75%


2). Queens of the Stone Age


Last month Riot Fest announced that the new Queens of the Stone Age album is complete. The band updated their social media with “Coming Twentyfive” on April 6th, and has since booked some tour dates including some festival performances beginning in July.

Why we think Queens of the Stone Age will play Riot Fest: If there’s one thing Riot Fest enjoys, it’s hosting rare performances, and with no QOFTSA shows announced in the United States, it seems that the band has been holding out for a special occasion. Queens frontman Josh Homme is sometimes referred to as “Ginger Elvis” so it would also explain the ginger name tag the dog wears in the Riot Fest teaser video.

Confidence Level: 85%


3). New Found Glory



It’s been four years since we’ve seen our old friends in NFG grace a Riot Fest stage. Our favorite Coral Springs pop-punk band is currently celebrating two decades together by playing their most cherished albums on the 20 Years of Pop Punk Tour. With their ninth studio release Make Me Sick on the horizon, the timing seems just right for an infectious set in Chicago.

Why we think New Found Glory will play Riot Fest: New Found Glory has a massive European tour planned overseas starting on September 20th, days after Riot Fest weekend. It seems like Chicago would be the place for the staple pop-punk band to test out some new material before heading to the UK.

Confidence Level: 60%


I want to see Riot Fest band predictions 4-7


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