4). Paramore

As 2017 is the 10th anniversary of Riot!, an album that gave us singles like “Misery Business” and “That’s What You Get”, we think it’s probable that we’ll see a band reunion at Riot Fest. The band also updated their social media pictures this week, so we know that something is in the works.

Why we think Paramore will play Riot Fest: It’s the 10 year anniversary of an album called Riot! What can be more fitting than playing it front to back at Riot Fest this year? Plus, vocalist Hayley Williams dates NFG guitarist Chad Gilbert so it would make sense if both bands took on Riot Fest 2017 together*.

*If we’re right about this one, this will be the best thing to happen to Paramore since no one guessed the answer right on last week’s episode of Jeopardy.

Confidence Level: 63%


5). The (original) Smashing Pumpkins

The idea of the original Smashing Pumpkins reforming has been floating around since March of 2016 when founding guitarist James Iha joined the band for a few shows for the first time in 16 years. Since then, Billy Corgan has publicly stated that he would like to bring the original lineup back together and has even rekindled a relationship with founding bassist and backing vocalist D’Arcy Wretzky.

Why we think the Smashing Pumpkins will play Riot Fest: The internet rumor mill was at the core of this prediction. That, and Riot Fest has a tendency to book several major performers that seem like they would be more suited for Lollapalooza (The Pixies, The Cure, Ween, Echo & The Bunnymen), and the Smashing Pumpkins sure fit that bill.

Confidence Level: 77%


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6). The Academy Is…

Aside from individually doing DJ sets at emo nights throughout the country, these Chicago natives have been fairly quiet since their 2015 Riot Fest reunion and subsequent Almost Here Tour. This past winter however, The Academy Is… indicated that something was in the works when they updated their Facebook picture with imagery from 2007’s Santi.  Could this mean that yet another Riot Fest reunion is in the cards?

Why we think The Academy Is… will play Riot Fest: Because Riot Fest is known for their 10 year anniversary shows. Because Chicago is home for the band. And because it wouldn’t be the first time that they’ve won the role, they’ve played the part, and they’ve been cordially invited to play Riot Fest. We were all impressed with their first performance and we’d definitely be excited to see them do it again.

Confidence Level: 55%


7). X (the band)

If you’ve recently been stalking X on Facebook, you’ll see that they’re playing a TBA date in Chicago on September 15th, also known as the Friday that kicks off Riot Fest weekend. This year marks an astounding 40 years together for the Los Angeles punk rock band that brought us “New Life”, “Country at War”, and perhaps the best cover of “Wild Thing” ever.

Why we think X will play Riot Fest: If they’re not playing Riot Fest, they’re certainly playing somewhere in Chicago, and seeing as they would be a perfect fit for an event like this, we expect to see them rocking out on the 15th. Oh, and a huge X was drawn at the start of the teaser video, so we’re feeling really confident about this one.

Confidence Level: 95%


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