11). Streetlight Manifesto

If Riot Fest is going to be a party, someone needs to crank up the ska, and if anyone can do it, it’s Streetlight Manifesto. Much like vocalist Tomas Kanolky’s first band Catch-22, Streetlight Manifesto is a live favorite for guys and girls in jean jackets and checkered shoes everywhere.

Why we think Streetlight Manifesto will play Riot Fest: Our reason for this one is more logical than anything else. On September 15th Streetlight will be nearby in Detroit, on September 17th they will be in Ohio, so where do you think the band is going to be on September 16th? Riot Fest, that’s where.

Confidence Level: 93%


12). Nine Inch Nails

Trent Reznor’s industrial rock band has been making a splash in the music scene since the late 80s when the band first formed in Cleveland, Ohio. Nine Inch Nails, who recently released a new EP is already performing at Panorama this summer and will likely have the vast majority of Douglas Park singing “Head Like A Hole” by the end of the season.

Why we think Nine Inch Nails will play Riot Fest: In 2016 NIN made new music and added Atticus Ross to its lineup, rounding out the grand total of official members to two. In addition to being a much rumored band for this year’s summer festival, the teaser video featured a woman counting to nine, so you try to make sense of that.

Confidence Level: 80%


13). Panic! at the Disco

P!ATD has been creating theatrical videos and playing shows in support of Death of a Bachelor, the best-selling rock album of 2016, non-stop over the last year. First frontman Brendon Urie will make his summer debut on Broadway as Charlie Price in Kinky Boots and next we hope to see the baroque emo pop band make their long overdue debut at Riot Fest.

Why we think Panic! at the Disco will play Riot Fest: “…at the Disco!” guesses a contestant in the teaser video. What else could this mean?

Confidence Level: 69%


So there you have it, our 13 Riot Fest predictions for 2017. Have guesses of your own? Let us know what you think of our predictions and share yours in the comments section.


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