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The idea of going on vacation with some of the biggest artists in the music industry ranks high on many of our fantasy wish lists. Who doesn’t want to eat unlimited ice cream with Paramore or participate in a belly flop competition with Gene Simmons? Among the many cruises shipping off to sea all year long, we chose our top five music-inspired cruises that we recommend for your 2016 vacation at sea.



Travels from Miami to Mexico on March 5-9, 2016 (Happening Now!)


If you want to fulfill your pop-punk dreams while taking a vacation straight out of a Hayley Williams fantasy, then this is a boat ride you don’t want to miss. Poolside performances from Paramore, CHVRCHES, and New Found Glory are all part of the package in the third installment of PARAHOY! On board activities will include Paraoke with the band, a Paraprom, ‘90s theme nights, unlimited soft serve ice cream, and an epic masquerade ball. Day three of the five day cruise will be spent in Conzumel, Mexico, where visitors can explore the castle ruins in the Mayan city or just relax in the water on the stunning beaches of the Yucutan Peninsula.

More info: http://www.parahoy.com/


2. Def Leppard Hysteria On The High Seas

Traveled from Miami to the Bahamas on January 21-25, 2016


The celebration started before the ship even left shore with a complimentary pre-cruise party set in Miami with appearances from Vivian Campbell and Last in Line. As the MSC Divina prepared to set to sea, several thousand hungover passengers joined English heavy metal legends, Def Leppard, for an experience they’ll never forget. The annual cruise sails from Miami to Half Moon Cay and Grand Bahama Island, where visitors can enjoy beaches, underwater caves, and coconut palm trees. Multiple performances from Def Leppard, Last in Line, Kix, Tom Keifner and more were included in this hysteric experience.

More info: http://defleppardcruise.com/


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3. The ’80s Cruise

Traveled from Ft. Lauderdale to Turks and Caikos, St. Thomas, San Juan, and The Bahamas on February 28-March 6, 2016


Back to the Future inspired events, neon beach parties, and multiple stops on the shores of Turks and Caicos, San Juan, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, and The Bahamas, made this a totally gnarly experience that would satisfy any nostalgic explorer. This year’s Back to the ‘80s cruise lineup was stacked with a number of legendary acts including Modern English, Huey Lewis and the News, Kool & The Gang, and, the one and only, Tiffany. MTV VJ’s hosted game show competitions while ’80s party band, Jessie’s Girl, took center stage at this week-long ’80s celebration.

More info: http://www.the80scruise.com/



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