Haven’t you ever wanted to open your own punk rock bar? It’s a fantasy on many of our bucket lists and Jack Barakat of All Time Low is making it a reality, again. He has previously opened a pop-punk themed tavern in Baltimore called The Rockwell, and now, in just one week’s time, he will open yet another music themed bar— in Los Angeles.

“[In Baltimore], there wasn’t anything like a theme bar, where people who wanted to hear good rock music and early-2000s emo/pop punk could go. We would tour England, and they had tons of places like this. It’s so common over there to see that, and I was like, ‘Why isn’t that over here in the U.S.?’ explained Bakarat in an interview with Alternative Press. “There are just as many fans of this style of music in this genre of music in the States. I think it’s slowly starting to make its way to the U.S., you know, with things like Emo Night out in LA, and then there’s one in Brooklyn. They have it all over now. After going to see Emo Night and seeing how all these bands need a place to hang out, not only for Taking Back Tuesdays, which is only one night a month, but just having a spot to kind of go to on the weekends as well.

We had so much success with The Rockwell in Baltimore. It’s a bar where you don’t care. No one is too cool to dance or rock out—just kind of like, lose their shit. There’s no judgment. It’s kind of a place for everyone to be themselves, and I think that’s what we want to do in LA.”



The All Time Low guitarist’s up and coming music themed LA bar has been named The Riff. Green Day, Blink 182, Jimmy Eat World, and Good Charlotte will be some of the bands on Barakat’s playlist for the June 17th opening, which will also serve as his birthday party. Despite its overwhelming emo rock theme, the bar will play other genres as well. “The coolest thing about The Riff is that we’re going to play Muse, we’re going to play harder rock, we’re going to play hip-hop. It’s really going to be all over the place, and it’s not going to be a club.”

Barakat will run the new joint with co-partner John Nichols of Dirty Model Movement. Mikey Way of My Chemical Romance and Brian Dales of The Summer Set are also due to co-host The Riff’s launch party. On top of their killer playlist and expansive drink menu, much like The Rockwell, The Riff will have regular events, birthday parties, and DJ nights.

The concept of this bar begs for only one question, ‘Why don’t we have a music themed bar like this in every major city?’


Following The Riff’s June 17th opening, All Time Low will join Blink 182 on their massive summer tour.


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