When best friends Ethan Maccoby and Alex Badanes were living outside of London and getting together in their basements on Friday nights to listen to Your Favorite Weapon and Louder Now, they couldn’t have possibly imagined that their favorite hobby would become a business venture that reached thousands upon thousands of people across the world.

What started as “the ultimate pre-game” became Emo Night Brooklyn — a highly successful music night that celebrates the soundtracks to many of our lives. Emo Night BK may have launched in a packed basement in Williamsburg, but it has since extended to large 1,000+ capacity venues across Las Vegas, Asbury Park, Baltimore, and of course, London. From Jordan Pundik of New Found Glory to Ryan Key of Yellowcard and Fred Mascherino of Taking Back Sunday, the night has included live sets from some of the most cherished early-2000s emo bands and performers.

On February 18th, for the very first time, Emo Night Brooklyn will make its way into Boston. Joining Ethan and Alex for a special DJ set will be William Beckett of The Academy Is… who recently celebrated the 10 year anniversary of the band’s quintessential album Almost Here (and will do so once again this year with 2007’s Santi). Emo Night Brooklyn – Boston  will take place at ONCE in Somerville.

LIKEYOUSAID had the chance to speak with the founders of Emo Night BK to find out more about some of their memorable moments, favorite bands in the scene, and what to expect at the Boston debut.



Hey! This is Lia from LIKEYOUSAID. Just for our readers at home, could you tell us your names and what event you’re putting on?

Ethan: My name’s Ethan.

Alex: And my name is Alex.

Ethan: We put on Emo Night Brooklyn, the best party that celebrates the emo and pop punk genre.

Great! There’s no doubt Emo Nights have been taking over the nation over the past few years. What inspired the two of you to start this event?

Alex:  Ethan and I grew up together just outside of London in the UK. We’ve been friends since we were four years old and we always loved music and going to concerts. When we got older there was a pre-game that we did, basically just hanging out, blasting music, drinking beers. We then actually moved to Boston and I went to Berklee and Ethan went to Tufts. So the party we were throwing in high school, we moved it to our dorm rooms – and it became the ultimate pre-game.

Ethan: We’d go out after that too, just to be clear!

So coming to Boston now is bringing it all full circle.

Alex: Oh, definitely. I have family in the Back Bay area so Boston is like a second home to me.



You’ll be in Boston on February 18th. What can we expect at the event?

Alex: This is our first time in Boston and if it’s anything like the parties we throw in Brooklyn, around Florida, around the states, and internationally, it will be a rager packed with people screaming along to their favorite songs, drinking if you drink, and partying with some of the people they grew up idolizing and listening to.


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You have had Jordan Pundik from New Found Glory, Kenny Vasoli from The Starting Line, The Early November, and many others come out to DJ and perform Emo Night Brooklyn. Can we expect a guest DJ in Boston?

Ethan: Yes! We will have a really special guest DJ*.

*UPDATE (announced after interview): William Beckett of The Academy Is… will be the guest DJ for the evening.



That’s what I was hoping to hear. Do you have a favorite emo band?



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