American Football has the sort of story you don’t hear very often. In 1999 the Illinois math rock band released their debut American Football as a send off to their college years. They played a few shows and toyed around with the idea of a band for another twelve months or so, then went their separate ways.

For many years, American Football was widely overlooked. And then something happened. Well after their break up, music fans everywhere found a new appreciation for the album, calling it a rite of passage and deeming it a quintessential record for early 2000s emo. 

Seventeen years since those fateful recording sessions in college, American Football returns with a new album!

The up and coming nine track LP will be released via Polyvinyl and Whichita on October 21st and will once again be named American Football. In anticipation for the new record, the band has released a solemn leadoff track called “I’ve Been Lost For So Long”. Listen to the single now and scroll down for the track listing and album art.



Track listing for American Football

1). Where Are We Now?
2). My Instincts Are the Enemy
3). Home Is Where the Haunt Is
4). Born to Lose
5). I’ve Been So Lost for So Long
6). Give Me the Gun
7). I Need a Drink (or Two or Three)
8). Desire Gets in the Way
9). Everyone Is Dressed Up


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