The last time At The Drive-In released new music, most of us were rebellious teenagers with curfews, studded belts, and bad haircuts. ATDI came into our lives at just the right time and left us all too fast to form post-hardcore staples like the Mars Volta and Sparta.

In 2012, At The Drive-In reformed, albeit briefly, for a few festival performances. At the time, the band stated that new music was not in the cards. That all changed  when At The Drive-In confirmed their 2016 reunion, which will include new music and a Spring tour that will span various parts of Europe and North America, with appearances at Rock on the Range and Shaky Knees.

“We’re all excited to be seeing each other, to be playing in a room again, and to be making music under a new context,” guitarist Omar Rodríguez-López stated in an interview with Fuse. “This is where we all came from. We have different families now, we live in different places, but these are our roots, and a true person never forgets their roots. There’s a safety in being around people you trust.” “We cut our teeth in this band,” adds drummer Tony Hajjar. “We slept on floors two inches away from each other in this band. We cooked for each other in this band. This is home, and it’s nice to come back to it and feel so positive about it.”

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