Home means a lot of places when you’re Andrew McMahon, a self proclaimed escapist who’s spent majority of his life on the road. Now, after two years of touring in support of Andrew McMahon In the Wildnerness, his band’s 2014 self-titled debut, it seems that a week among the acrobats and bodegas in New York City was all it took to find inspiration for his new single, “Fire Escape”.

“I think it’s the realization that sometimes the party does end and in that moment where you’re standing and who you’re standing next to says a lot about what comes next” shares Andrew. “‘Fire Escape’ is a song full of mantra’s from a time filled with joy and achievement, chaos, insecurity and good friends. ‘Never go home’, ‘We belong awake’… Maybe these are words to live by, maybe I adopted them as a credo to justify my true nature as an escapist. Whatever it is, it’s yours now. It’s my pleasure to welcome you to the party, try not to break anything.”

Check out the official lyric video for “Fire Escape” now and take a closer look at AM Chalk, a community that used their artistry to write out every last clever lyric to this song for our viewing pleasure.



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You can stream or download the new Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness single “Fire Escape” by following this link.


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