How many record labels can say that they spent the last 25 years ruining punk rock? That’s a question to ask NOFX frontman Fat Mike, whose distinguished label Fat Wreck Records has been “ruining” bands like Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, Rise Against, Less Than Jake, and Anti-Flag since the early 1990s.

A Fat Wreck – Fat Wreck Records Punk-U-Mentary tells the story of how Fat Mike and his then wife Erin Kelly-Burkett created and developed the indie label. Directed by Shaun Colon, the documentary will highlight the label’s role in the music industry, punk rock, and politics.


“Half inspirational story of chosen family and community, half debauchery and occasionally involuntary drug use…  A Fat Wreck blazes exciting new ground in the cinematic genre of puppet-driven punk rock music documentary filmmaking. If you only see one film featuring a dominatrix spanking a puppet in your lifetime… Make it A Fat Wreck!”


A Fat Wreck will air tonight at Apple Cinemas in Alewife at 7PM. Tickets are $9.75 in advance and $12 at the cinema. You can purchase tickets here.



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