FEST, Florida’s annual punk music festival posted its initial lineup today and perhaps the most anticipated set comes from hometown heroes Against Me! who will perform Reinventing Axl Rose just in time for the album’s 15 year anniversary. Hot Water Music, Rainer Maria, Screaming Females, and Teenage Bottlerocket, as well as Boston’s Rebuilder and Save Ends have also been announced.

FEST will take place from October 27th-29th in Gainsville, Florida. This will be the 16th edition of the concert series, which first launched in 2002.

The initial lineup can be found below. The final headliner and more FEST artists will be posted on May 24th.



Against Me! (playing Reinventing Axl Rose!! / FL Exclusive), Hot Water Music (FL Exclusive), HUM (FL Exclusive), Rainer Maria (FL Exclusive), The Lillingtons (FL Exclusive), snapcase (FL Exclusive), The Smoking Popes (FL Exclusive), Teenage Bottlerocket (FL Exclusive), IRON REAGAN (FL Exclusive), 88 Fingers Louie (FL Exclusive), Beach Slang (FL Exclusive), Mustard Plug (FL Exclusive), A Wilhelm Scream (FL Exclusive), Off With Their Heads (FL Exclusive), TIM BARRY (FL Exclusive), Toys That Kill (FL Exclusive), DIRECT HIT! (FL Exclusive), Red City Radio (FL Exclusive), PEARS – the band, Clown Sounds (URTC) (FL Exclusive), We Are The Union (FL Exclusive), Tartar Control, The Dopamines (FL Exclusive), MEAT WAVE, Daggermouth (FL Exclusive), Allison Weiss (FL Exclusive), The Flatliners (FL Exclusive), Iron Chic (FL Exclusive), Nothington (FL Exclusive), The Copyrights (FL Exclusive), Atom And His Package (FL Exclusive), Screaming Females (FL Exclusive), City Mouse, Slingshot Dakota (FL Exclusive), Arms Aloft, Tender Defender (FL Exclusive), Dead Broke, Sinai Vessel, Sports., After the Fall, Prince Daddy & The Hyena, The Bombpops, Wolf-Face, Worlds Scariest Police Chases, PKEW PKEW PKEW, Mikey Erg (Full Band), Dead Bars, Drug Church, Signals Midwest, Mobina Galore, Football, etc., Matt Woods, Skating Polly, Frameworks, Western Settings, Dikembe, DFMK (MEX), The Slow Death, Hosptial Job, Save Ends, Gouge Away, Coffee Project, Late Bloomer, Teen Agers, Northbound, Zach Quinn (FL Exclusive), Cumulus, Chastity, Cloak/Dagger, The Murderburgers (UK), Levelless, Elway, Drones, Dead Leaves, Swiss Army, Apartments (IRE), Mom Jeans, Ghouls (UK), Nightmarathons, Airstream Futures, Typesetter, Caskitt, Horrible Things, Jason Guy Smiley, The Howl, Awkward Age, Jabber, The Jukebox Romantics, Expert Timing, Two Houses, Long Live the Goat, Ratboys, Just Friends, LINEOUT (IT), DAGS! (IT), AMIGO THE DEVIL, Camiches (MEX), Eradicator, Dollar Signs, Lost Empires, The Penske File, Meridian, Wailin Storms, You Vandal, No More, GUERILLA POUBELLE (FR), MALADROIT (FR), Ray Rocket, Goddamnit, Brutal Youth, Night Witch, Better Now, Bong Mountain, Karbomb, Toby Foster (Full Band), Rebuilder, The Scandals, Living Room, Perspective, a lovely hand to hold, OC45, Raging Nathans, Hot Knife, Carrusel (CR), Tim Hampshire (AU), Good Friend (UK/IR), Kamikaze Girls (UK), Cold Wrecks, Early Riser, American Pinup, The Scotch Bonnets, Caffiends, Diger (CR), Dog and Wolf, Hora Douse (UK), Keep Flying, Ordinary Lives, Forest Pooky (FR), Russian Girlfriends, Intenable (FR), Almost People, fk mt., Everymen, Big Nothing, Sarchasm, Boss’s Daughter, La Armada, Lions, Safety, Fossil Youth, The Run Up (UK), Bike Tuff, Binary Heart, The Randy Savages, Alright, Basketball Shorts, Fire in the Radio, Hiccup, Carb on Carb (NZ), Nervous (UK), Red Car Burns (IT), The Bigger Empty, Spanish Love Songs, Daydream, Graduating Life, New Junk City, Save Face, Iris Jupiter, wolves&wolves&wolves&wolves, The Rememberables, Canker Blossom, Walk The Plank, Ramona, The Split Seconds, Sketchy, Cut Up, Seagulls, Fat Heaven, Despero, Migrate, Young Go Hards, Junior Astronomers, SAME, Telethon, Casual Friday, Lost Love, BOIDS, Black Dots, Le Yikes Surf Club, Seattle Fucking Supersonics, I Was Afraid, The Riot Gang, Jared Hart, Entropy, Meet Me in Montauk, Laureate, Scary Stories, The Usuals, Don’t Make Ghosts, Overslept, Ellen and the Degenerates, HiGH (FL Exclusive), Outta Gas, The Larimers, the Toms, Small Talks, Never, Freya Wilcox & The Howl, Intervention, Kid You Not, Thunderclap, the Handsome Scoundrels, Sharptooth, Mike Frazier and The Dying Wild, DRUG, Oh The Humanity, VAPERS, Dozier, Davey Dynamite, Dingus.


Tickets to FEST go on sale on April 28th, 2017 at 4:20 EDT.



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