LIKEYOUSAID recently spoke with Foxing frontman Conor Murphy on the last night of the band’s tour with The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die. During the interview, Conor talked about the band’s formation in St. Louis, Foxing’s emotive 2015 release, Dealer, and touring “hard” at Ben & Jerry’s Factory. Read the complete interview with Conor Murphy of Foxing below.

Hi! This is Lia of LIKEYOUSAID. Just for our readers at home, could you state your name and role in the band?

Conor: My name is Conor Murphy and I sing and play trumpet in Foxing.

Thanks! Well, congratulations on Dealer! It’s a fantastic album – so raw and personal. If you were to encounter someone that’s new to Foxing, what song would you recommend to them from your new album?

Conor: We were thinking the same thing when we put out our first song on the record! We were like, “If people are going to hear this for the first time, what song do we introduce them to?” So we chose “The Magdalene”, it’s the third track on the record. There are a lot of songs on the album that are deeply personal and really hard to write, even harder to sing or play for other people in the band. We didn’t want to release any of those because it would be depressing thing to hear. “The Magdalene” is about how I grew up in a Catholic church and it fucked me up a little bit as a kid, and it’s the first time I got to write about that. It’s a little lighter than a lot of the other songs on the album so we chose that one.

You recently toured with Brand New, which many of us know and love — was Brand New an inspiration for you growing up?

Conor: Me and Eric have been in a band together since we were 12 or 13 so when we were first playing I had no idea who they were until he showed them to me about three years into playing shows. They didn’t influence our music as much as they were a band that we loved. Eric and I were really influenced by Sigur Ros, Radiohead, Led Zepplin and shit, you know, Jimmy Hendrix. I don’t think we were influenced by them but we loved their music a lot, so for them to take us on that tour was the biggest deal in the world, obviously.

Do you have a favorite [Brand New] album?

Conor: Devil and God for sure.

I had a feeling you would say one of the newer ones based on your own sound.

Conor: My list goes Devil and God, Daisy, Deja, Your Favorite Weapon. I’m not a huge fan of Your Favorite Weapon, but neither are they.



What was your first live show with Foxing like?

Conor: It was with a band called You Blew It!  Before we even started we had so many friends in the scene that were already touring. They would stay at our place and come to our house parties. When we actually went out to play shows, we had all these connections. That first show with You Blew It was an immediate, like, “We’re best friends now” moment.  We had the same manager as them and we have been talking about collaborating on a Rentals cover. [Laughs.] We have a profound respect for Weezer and The Rentals!


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And how about your first time ever playing a live show?

Conor: When I was twelve we played our first show in St. Louis at The Midwest Music Pit. We thought we were real cool and I played something like a musical saw, if you know what that is. The thing is, I didn’t have a musical saw so I used my dad’s saw and I was bowing it and nobody could hear it so it looked like the dumbest thing. And my main instrument is a French horn so I was playing the French horn the whole time.

Conor, I’m surprised you’re not in a ska band.

[Laughs.] I was always in symphonic bands. My school didn’t have a marching band. I prefer symphonic bands with the large arrangements.

We’re in Boston. It’s cold. What’s your favorite ice cream?


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