If there’s one thing fans of hardcore, emo, or pop-punk know, it’s that our love of bands from years past isn’t fueled by nostalgia or some trite notion of irony, but a sincere, sempiternal adoration for them and the music they created that helped soundtrack our lives. That’s why it’s super exciting to share the news that New England stalwarts, Piebald, have announced a tour for this summer and fall!

It is nothing short of great perspicacity that said tour has been aptly named You’re Part Of It!, a callback to “American Hearts,” one of their most beloved singles from We Are The Only Friends That We Have, the album that further propelled Piebald from local darlings to a nationally acclaimed quartet. Openers have not been revealed yet, but the dates sure have, and all are available to purchase tickets as of this Friday, April 8th, at noon.



Be sure to check the dates to see when they are headed your way, and you can keep up with the band on a more semi-personal basis via their Instagram @piebaldofficial, or their official Facebook page. And of course, as a carousing group of longtime fans, we here at LIKEYOUSAID will be happily providing updates as they come!


UPDATE (as promised): Piebald has added a second Boston show on Sunday, August 7th due to popular demand.



News article by Jessica Stein. Instagram: @containertheory


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