The Happy Camper Tour came rolling through Boston in late March and gave the sold out crowd at House Of Blues one hell of a night. With an impending snow storm approaching the set times were bumped up to an earlier time.  The change didn’t allow me to catch the first two openers, but I could not have walked in at a better time because the party was just getting started as Super Duper Kyle was about to hit the stage.

Super Duper Kyle is an artist who demands attention from the minute he takes the stage. I was fortunate enough to catch his set in Boston awhile back when he was on tour with Watsky,  and it was one of my favorite sets all year. His personality, coupled with great songs and his DJ Super Duper Brick (whose high energy mixes perfectly with Kyle’s) really makes for an all around solid set. The two danced from start to finish and even mixed in a lightsaber battle ending in the quick demise of Brick. In signature Kyle fashion he took out his surfboard to end his set and placed it on top of the Boston crowd. He then began to simulate surfing while the crowd held him up. The sky is truly the limit for the Ventura, CA based rapper, and with an already solid fan base and many successful albums under his belt its only a matter of time until he’s a household name.

With the crowd still reeling from an epic performance by Kyle it was that time of the night.  Hoodie Allen, the band some fans had camped some 30 hours for prepared to the stage. I am always taken back a bit seeing thousands of screaming fans lose their mind over an artist. However, in the case of Hoodie I can now see the light. His set was absolutely incredible. The energy he performs with is something to be seen. There is such a solid connection between himself and the fans that it brings a really intimate atmosphere to the show, it’s something that is often lacking in live shows. If the artist acts like its just another night then it shows, and the performance suffers. That was not the case at all with Hoodie.

He rifled through hits like “Two Lips” which segwayed into a quick cover of Twenty One Pilots hit song “Stressed Out” as well as “Cake Boy” and “Act My Age”. Hoodie Allen pulled out all the stops including his raft, which rode through the crowd adding another intimate way to connect with fans.  The raft created some chaos as everyone just wanted to reach out in hopes of touching the rapper. I have to say, I don’t shoot or cover a lot of hip hop shows but Hoodie Allen will forever be in my sights as an artist to look out for. The night ended with Hoodie performing his biggest hit “No Interruption”, and it was a perfect way to end an energy filled action packed night that went off with, well, no interruption.


Live Review and photos by Richard Knowles






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