When My Chemical Romance posted a mysterious teaser video earlier this month, it received over 40 million views and sparked rumors surrounding an MCR reunion.

While the New Jersey pop-punk band has since rejected the rumors, they have confirmed that they will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the band’s quintessential record The Black Parade with a special edition re-release. On September 23rd, the original album plus 11 previously unreleased songs, demos, and rarities will be made available to fans.

Pre-orders are now available along with an instant download of a previously unreleased track called “The Five Of Us Are Dying” (rough mix). The song, which is an early version of “The Black Parade” can also be streamed through Spotify and Apple Music.



Since the band’s split in 2013, frontman Gerard Way, guitarist/backing vocalists Frank Iero and Ray Toro,  bassist Mikey Way, and keyboardist James Dewees have all pursued side and solo projects. While My Chemical Romance is not reuniting yet, the band hasn’t discounted the possibility of getting back together in the future.



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