Crash FistFight at The Hi Hat


L.A. punk rockers Crash FistFight have been working diligently on their project since they first got their start in Florida in 2007. Over time, the band has transitioned to the west coast, but began to pursue other projects before deciding to get back together and continue to push for unforgettable live shows and releases. Crash FistFight is lead vocalist Balloonski backed by Ben Palmer (guitar), Felipe Rodrigo (guitar), Taylor Sullivan (bass) and Mike McCrary (drums). Their music is fast and raw with the sincerity of the Misfits, the speed of NOFX and the destructive essence of Motorhead. While they may individually have other side projects, these guys take this band seriously and it can be seen firsthand during their live shows. Crash FistFight rocks hard and fast, and for a punk band in Los Angeles, this is all you need to succeed.    

The Hi Hat, a billboard pool hall turned local music venue celebrated the first weekend of the summer with an exciting night of music that included Pedal Strike, Kuromi, Super Lunch, and Matter Room. The all ages venue brought out the tough kids, but in the end, the kids were no match for the adult moshers in the crowd. Bodies flew across the room from the stage to the dance floor throughout the night.

Crash FistFight’s show began with the ginormous feedback from Rodrigo and Palmer’s guitars as they launched into the song “New Drug” with full force. The deadly guitar riffs did not pause one bit as Palmer, Sullivan, and Rodrigo taunted the crowd with their guitars as if to say, ‘You can’t touch this’, as they rolled on and off the stage. At one point during the second or third song, Palmer’s antics caused him to crash into the edge of the stage, slice his brow and bleed profusely for the duration of the set. But like a true rock god, Palmer wiped it off and continued on with the show without missing a beat.

During the set, the band put their originals on pause as they showed off their phenomenal cover of Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Bad Moon Rising.” Balloonski’s grizzled vocals were tough and vigorous as he offered up his services to a night with an unforgettable set list. He also made sure the crowd was having as much fun as the band was. “It’s important to support local music, right?” The half cheers in the room forced Balloonski to reiterate, “No, no, no. It’s super important to support your local music, right?” The crowd cheered even louder with the kind of conviction these electrifying rockers deserved. “That’s right”, Balloonski affirmed as he lifted the energy in the room even higher with his next song.



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