You may have come to know her as Lauren Pritchard, the powerhouse vocalist behind Panic! at the Disco’s “Miss Jackson” and Fall Out Boy’s “Centuries”, but today she is touring under the pseudonym, LOLO — a nickname that she’s proudly embraced since her middle school days. The songstress was born in Jackson, Tennessee, a small town with a strong appreciation for The King of Rock and Roll. At only sixteen, she brought that appreciation to a new level when she moved to Los Angeles to establish herself as an artist under the unlikely care of the king’s daughter, Lisa Marie Presley.

Since flirting with a career in musical theater and releasing a well polished yet somewhat subdued debut album titled Wasted in Jackson, Lauren Pritchard has reinvented herself as LOLO, the edgy, no fucks given counterpart to her former self. With her Comeback Queen EP just being released in 2015, LOLO is proving to be a new face for girl power through her candid lyrics and genuine desire to empower her listeners. “Everyone deserves to feel awesome and powerful, no one is a mere mortal, we are all extraordinary” LOLO expresses moments after igniting the crowd at The House of Blues in Boston.

It should come as no surprise that LOLO cites her top female influences as being Annie Lennox, Gwen Stefani, Hayley Williams of Paramore, and Mel C of The Spice Girls. “All of these females represent girl power to me, and you know, it is a really interesting time to be a woman right now. Quite honestly, I’d rather be a woman than a man because men are taught to be strong and we get to express so many more of our feelings as women, and it’s fucking awesome. If I’m pissed off or I’m happy, I’m going to tell you about it through the music that I make. I want everyone to have that feeling when you’re in your underwear and you think you look hot singing to your favorite song and you feel awesome. The feeling of power is real, and I want people to listen to my music and feel powerful.”

Making a statement through her music is a top priority for LOLO. But molding her sound to fit a particular genre? Not so much. Having already tackled rock, pop, blues, reggae, and hip hop throughout her musical career, LOLO has shown the world that the only genre of music that she could be listed under is “unclassified”. Outside of co-writing with Panic! at the Disco and joining the Wilderness/Politics Tour last fall, she has recently returned to her routes in musical theater as the head composer and lyricist of  Songbird, a southern take on Anton Chekhov’s The Seagull. The musical is set in Nashville and tells the story of a country musician played by Tony nominee, Kate Baldwin.

On February 2nd, LOLO will embark on a short North American Tour that starts in New York City and ends in Dallas at the end of the month.


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Article by Lia Gurin. Photo by Jen Vesp.


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