In the summer of 2010, in a Salem, MA Chinese restaurant, Boston’s ephemeral indie darlings Fat Creeps played their first show, opening for what would be the last show of Salem’s flash-in-the-pan Mersey beat revivalists The Bottles. Months of busking in Harvard Square, disappointing show turnouts, and a roster of rotating drummers had finally taken their toll. Guitarist Matt Kane and bassist Matthew Dinaro would go their separate ways for a few years, trying out various side projects on opposite sides of the country. Until January 2015, after a months-long campaign by Kane to convince Dinaro to come to Portland, Oregon, the duo teamed up once more to try again as a power-pop/punk trio.

After a quick search for drummer Mitch Gonzalez, The Toads quickly got under way constructing an album of catchy, dare we say danceable power pop, not-so-quietly emerging as the ambassadors of rock in a music scene dominated by psychedelia and dream pop. Having played over 60 shows in a little over a year, the Toads have earned a reputation for being one of the tightest bands in Portland. Now, with a full album and music video out, the Toads have released their second video, premiering on Portland’s The Deli:



I set up a Skype date with the Toads a few weeks back, and the conversation got super deep, super quick.

Okay, we have to make this quick because I’m about to go play Keno, so give me some numbers, just start shouting them out.

All: 15, 75, 12, 2, 90, 67.

Seriously guys, I need at least a dozen.

All: 5, 50, 40, um…

You know what, it’s fine, let’s move on. In varying degrees of truthfulness, give me the story of the Toads.

MG: Well of course, we all met online in a sex chat room.

How did you get from the sex chat room to rock and roll?

MD: Well, you know, I think it was— so in the online sex chat, Mitch was like, “I am going to rock your cock,” and I said, “That’s funny, I play in a rock band.” So we started talking about all the bands we like, and the sex ended for a little bit.

MG: There was a suggestion about using drum sticks for something and I was like, “oh hey, I’m a drummer.”

MD: What’s funny is that I was actually talking about the ice cream cone.

What’s the absolute worst song you’ve written so far?





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