Netflix knows its place in your heart this winter season, so the video streaming company is doing something special. As of today, Netflix users will now have the option to view content offline on both smartphones and tablets. Select video content can now be downloaded without a data connection of any kind… even during a flight.

While available titles will vary by region, Master of None, Stranger ThingsOrange Is The New Black, Narcos, and Bojack Horseman, are a few of the titles users can currently choose from.

Earlier this year, Netflix conducted a research study to understand which shows and specific episodes on the platform are most addictive. By looking at over 30 popular series that kept 70% of viewers watching through season one, they found that viewers aren’t just getting hooked on similar episodes but that they’re also identifying with similar storylines. This proved to be the case for users across the world, whether they were watching from a Starbucks in the US or a friend’s couch in Japan. Looks like binge-watching really is universal.



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The feature is available on Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, provided they’re running iOS 8.0 or Android 4.4.2 or later. In order to binge watch Netflix offline, you must download the latest version of the app to your device. Downloadable content can be easily found via the new “Available for Download” category inside the app.


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