Earlier this week, a bit of viral marketing hinted at a new Radiohead album: the band’s website and social media accounts whited out (or, as seasoned fans put it, “disappeared completely.”) Since then, the band has dropped two new songs, “Burn the Witch” and “Daydreaming.”

It seems initial reports that this album “will be like nothing you’ve ever heard” may have been exaggerated. While “Burn the Witch” is driven by strings to an extent we’ve never seen in Radiohead’s discography before, the melancholic, piano-driven “Daydreaming” sounds like a direct progression of “Videotape,” the closing track from 2007’s In Rainbows.

Whether the rest of the album breaks new ground remains to be seen, but if these singles are any indication, we’re in for a solid effort. The as-of-yet untitled record will be released digitally on Sunday, May 8th at 2pm EDT.



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Article by Jesse Mangan


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