Every now and again an imaginative, one of a kind avant-garde band falls onto your radar. Enter Descartes a Kant, a noise rock band from Mexico named for two opposing philosophers that helped shape the modern era.

On May 12th, Descartes a Kant will release their third studio album, Victims of Love Propoganda through Cleopatra Records. Recorded and produced by Steve Albini (Nirvana/Jawbreaker/The Pixies) in Chicago, the sometimes dark, often intense concept album dissects the many layers of modern love.


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Earlier this month Descartes a Kant debuted a music video for their brand new single “Motion Picture Dream Boy.” You can watch the video below and let us know what you think of it.



Victims Of Love Propaganda Tracklisting:

  1. You A**F*cked My Heart
  2. Motion Picture Dream Boy
  3. Until The Day We Die
  4. Suppertime Rules
  5. Sérotonine
  6. Lovely Lips
  7. Crime Scene
  8. All Monsters Are Human
  9. Apricot Dreams
  10. The Science of Break-up



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