On Sunday, April 2nd, 2017, ARCHITECTS took the stage at the Worcester Palladium as part of the All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us tour. The British metalcore band, who has been described as “pumped with both controlled rage and unhindered heart, accessible and ambitious, aggressive and beautiful”, played an eruptive set in the presence of a roaring crowd and in the absence of founding member Tom Searle, who we lost earlier last year.

Playing alongside Stray From The Path and Make Them Suffer, ARCHITECTS performed a number of staples like “Nihilist, “Deathwish”, and “Gravity” before closing out the night with an encore of “A Match Made In Heaven” and “Gone With The Wind”.

LIKEYOUSAID photographer Richard Knowles was there to catch the action on the stage where both the sound and the lighting appeared to fit just right. Take a look at photos from the ARCHITECTS performance at the Worcester Palladium below.


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