It’s been a long time since as many people in Brand New t-shirts filled the Worcester Palladium as they did last Saturday night. The recently remodeled central Massachusetts venue wasn’t packed for the enigmatic Long Island band, however, but rather, for Manchester Orchestra, their occasional tourmates from down south.

Manchester Orchestra, who just released their fifth studio album A Black Mile to the Surface to rave reviews from Billboard, played a 17 song set to a fervid audience that seemed to hang on to every last word that escaped from Andy Hull’s lips. “Shake It Out”, “The Sunshine”, and “I Can Feel The Hot One” were some of the most memorable songs from Saturday’s show.

Openers, Foxing, put on the most impassioned performance of the evening, fusing mathy melodies with emotive gestures and high pitched screams. Conor Murphy, whose stage presence is incomparable to any other singer in the scene set the bar high and left the audience wanting more after the band’s dynamic six-song set.

Tigers Jaw took the stage next, giving us all the feels. They recently completed a summer headlining tour accompanied by Conor’s side project Smidley and appeared contented to be back in the limelight. Tigers Jaw played a lighter set than Foxing, opening with pop-punk anthem, “Follows”, then diving into old favorites like “Hum” and “Teen Rocket” off 2014’s Charmer, as well as the undeniably catchy piano infused “June” off of their groundbreaking 2017 release, Spin.

LIKEYOUSAID photographers Bethany Packer and Richard Knowles were there to catch some of the best moments from the memorable concert at the Palladium on September 30th, 2017. Take a look at our photo gallery below.

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