Maybe it was Geoff Rickly’s on stage banter. Maybe it was the fact that this was Thursday’s first show back in Boston since their 2012 disbandment. Or maybe it was a blend of Touche Amore’s crowd igniting spoken word lyrics and Basement’s dream rock anthems that made this show really special. But whatever it was, something was definitely in the air at the House of Blues on Tuesday night.

Opening the show were beloved Boston locals Animal Flag, who recently played with the likes of The World Is A Beautiful Place and I am No Longer Afraid To Die, Turnover, and The Hotelier. The band set the tone for a powerhouse bill who chanted with us, tossed oversized balloons in our direction, and brought us back to the Jet Black New Year days of 2002.

Throughout Thursday’s set Geoff Rickly emphasized the importance of equality, immigrant rights, feminism, and of course, music. Between classics like “For The Workforce, Drowning”, “Cross Out The Eyes”, and “War All The Time” Geoff cracked jokes about his friends in the scene, and talked about how he never imagined that in 2017 he’d be the guest DJ at emo nights where he would get to witness newfound romances brew over the sounds of the songs that bring us all together time and time again.

Make sure to check out our photo gallery of Thursday, Basement, and Touche Amore, and Animal Flag below.


All photos taken by Jen Vesp. Instagram: @jenvesp



All photos taken on Tuesday, March 28th, 2017 by Jen Vesp.


More photos: The Used at the House of Blues in Boston



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