Sometimes when you go through a bad break up, you just want to lock yourself in a bedroom and write punk songs about the girl that broke your heart. This instinct is at the core of rock ‘n roll and some of the best songs in the genre, including The Vandals “My Girlfriend Is Dead”,  The Bouncing Souls “Wish Me Well (You Can Go To Hell)” and The Misfits “Die, Die, My Darling”.

When you’re Darren Vorel and your girlfriend slash bandmate leaves you for your manager, you channel your anger through an acoustic guitar and a half dozen punk songs. You eventually find solace in the wake of this tragedy by creating blunt, in your face tracks with names like “I’ve Been Doing Fun Shit Without You” and “How Am I Supposed To Hate You When I Still Love You”. You later enlist your brother and old friends in The Plain White T’s to join your new band and before long, you’re playing sold out shows with Lucky Boys Confusion and debuting new music at SXSW under the oh so telling band name, That Lying Bitch.

That Lying Bitch is the side project of Tom Higgenson and Dave Tirio (vocalist & bassist of The Plain White T’s), Eric Vorel, and founding member, Darren Vorel (ex-Scissors). Though the name of the band is about as serious as Tom Green on April Fool’s Day, the songs themselves are catchy and easy to digest, existing somewhere in the space between sarcasm, total content, and utter dismay. That Lying Bitch is the band to listen to if you’ve ever rocked out to 80s punk or felt betrayed by an ex.

“The songs are like Ramones style punk rock”, Tom Higgenson shares in an interview with LIKEYOUSAID, “It’s really a good mix of ‘fuck you’ and ‘I love you’.”


Hear the complete story behind That Lying Bitch in this clip from Plain White T’s frontman, Tom Higgenson:






On Sunday, March 20th, 2016, That Lying Bitch will join punk legends NOFX, Unwritten Law, and Fenix TX for the Houston We Have A Problem Festival.


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