Late this summer and just two days after release of their newest record Vacancy, we caught up with Bayside to talk about the record that explores vocalist Anthony Raneri’s concept of home in the aftermath of his divorce. Recorded in a studio in Nashville, Vacancy is a musically upbeat album stylized by TONY nominated producer, Tim O’Heir (Sebadoh, Hedgwig and the Angry Inch).

When we met up with the band, they were rocking fresh haircuts from Bostonian Barber Shop and talking with the folks at Live Nation about their new record and current tour with The Menzingers. With the Live Nation cameras gleaming on us and broadcasting for all of Facebook to see, the band joked that we were having an interview within an interview, and that this would be all of our fifteen minutes of fame.



Hi! This is Lia of LIKEYOUSAID and I am joined here by two of the guys of Bayside. Just for our readers at home, could you state your names and what you do in the band?

Chris: That’s Nick and he plays bass.

Nick: I am Nick!

Chris: And I’m Chris. I play drums.

So Nick, you were there with Anthony [Raneri] for the making of the video for “I’ve Been Dead All Day”. This is one of my personal favorite songs off your new album Vacancy and the video is fantastic. It feels like carpool karaoke meets VH1 pop up video. Is that what you were going for with that video?

Nick: Exactly. I had just leased that car and at the same time I did that, we had our final mixes for the record come back and I would drive back and forth from Brooklyn to Long Island and I would think ‘I wish there were people here to listen to this.’ We were thinking of new ways to reach fans and one idea we came up with was to host a few listening parties. I emailed our manager about it and he liked the idea, so it ended up being made into a video… All of my references were to comedians in cars getting coffee, carpool karaoke, and pop up video was definitely a thing we brought up too.

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Did you actually run all of those red lights?

Nick: We ran one right away!

Chris: I heard you did it just to write your car off. [Laughs.]



If a Bayside song could be featured in any TV show past or present, which song and show would you pick?

Nick: My favorite show ever is 30 Rock. [Pauses.] Chris can help me out with the song.

Chris: [Thinks.]

What’s your favorite TV show, Chris?

Chris: Twilight Zone. I’d put our new song “Not Fair” as the theme to that or Munsters…. That’s also one of my favorite shows.

Your new record Vacancy is the first one that the band wrote in completely separate places. What was that process like?





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