When everything’s in transit and life’s holding on to the accelerator, sometimes you need a thoughtful record to help you stay grounded. Recorded in Newport Beach, California and completed in Sharpsburg, Maryland, Seasons, the newest release from the bi-coastal rock outfit, Thieves & Lovers is just that record. “It was the most personal material we’ve ever laid down” singer/songwriter Brandon Stoner shares. “We started recording at Wandering Star Studio in California with Bobbo Byrnes, had to go through a crazy life transition, and ended up finishing at Echoes Recording Studio in Maryland with the great Todd Stotler months later. “Both locations”, Brandon adds, “and the experiences in between helped contribute to the vibe, and I think it came together just like it was supposed to.”

Seasons fuses melodic guitars with cathartic melodies to form an impressive four track EP whose Jimmy Eat World, Gin Blossoms, and City and Colour influence is apparent from the opening chords. LIKEYOUSAID recently had the chance to speak with Brandon Stoner, the driving force behind Thieves & Lovers about the band’s new album and the stories that accompany it. Read the full interview and listen to the Record Store Day album debut of Seasons below.

What is your favorite record of all time?

Brandon: That’s really tough, there are so many. Anything by Foo Fighters, Jimmy Eat World, or Blink-182. I’m a huge fan of all the Gin Blossoms stuff, Van Halen, and Taylor Swift too. I grew up on classic rock and pop punk, and I can get down with anything that is straight from the heart. That’s what I love about music, there is so much great music out there, from right now all the way back to the beginning of recording technology.

And your favorite EP?

Brandon: Nutshell by Alice in Chains and Dogs Eating Dogs by Blink-182.

Who would be on your dream tour lineup?

Brandon:  Can we be included? [Laughs.] I’ve been hoping for this one for a long time:

Foo Fighters
Jimmy Eat World
Gaslight Anthem
The Replacements


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Now let’s talk about your new album. How was recording this album different than your previous work?

Brandon: Seasons is by far our most personal record. Right now we’re working out of Baltimore. Before this, we were in California, so that’s a big change. But I was very fortunate to meet some amazing musicians since moving back to the east coast and I love working with them. We can’t wait to show the world what we’ve been come up with together.

What’s going to be the first single off Seasons?

Brandon: “Sex and Cigarettes”, a song off our debut EP is going to be the first.  “See You Soon” will be the second. That song is about losing a friend and trying to wrap your head around it. We hope our listeners really connect to it.

We hope so, too. Let’s not keep those listeners waiting any longer. So here it is, the Record Store Day premiere of Thieves & Lovers newest EP, Seasons.



Seasons is available for purchase through the Thieves & Lovers Bandcamp Page.


Following the Record Store Day release of Seasons, Thieves & Lovers will play a handful of festivals and charity events including the American Red Cross Summer Music Festival in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on July 15th. The band also plans on writing new material and recording another record in the coming year. Listen to Thieves & Lovers on Spotify and keep up with the latest from the band on their Facebook Page.


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