MIKE: [Laughs.] Didn’t see either of them, no.

MORGAN: I watched The Misfits and I was a little disappointed, because they didn’t show themselves on the jumbotron at all, which I think is like, Danzig doesn’t like pictures or anything like that. So it was just their logo and some other stuff. You can’t get that close, there are like 50,000 people there, so we were on the side, where you can’t see anything, probably like a couple hundred feet away at least. So it’s like… alright.

MIKE: I walked right past Andrew WK backstage, so that was the only real “celebrity sighting” I had.

Do you guys think a big festival setting like that can work well with the punk ethos?

MIKE: I mean it kind of inherently goes against it a bit, because it’s usually such a big production that it involves sponsorships and other things that are pretty unpunk. But I think at this time it’s difficult to do anything that isn’t in some way influenced by corporations. It’s really difficult to be autonomous. It was a good experience, and again I think that everyone who we met and who helped us was great, but I don’t think it necessarily felt super punk.

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MORGAN: [Laughs.]

 Do you think it’s getting more difficult in general to put on DIY shows?

MIKE: I don’t necessarily, I think it all depends on the people. That’s the kind of thing where it matters who is in a place keeping that alive. And as long as there’s people passing the baton onto the next group, if they either move or just can’t do it anymore, then it’s gonna stay alive for sure. In San Jose, where we’re from, there’s almost no actual venues, but there’s a pretty strong DIY scene just because people want to see music. And you see a pretty good amount of people throwing themselves in trying to keep it alive. And I’ve seen that happening around the country. I don’t think DIY is dead by any means.

What are your plans for after the tour ends? Any new projects in the works?

MORGAN: We’ve got a new album recorded, it should be out next year at some point. So we’re trying to figure that out. That and some touring for sure.

MIKE: We’re just finishing up the art for now, and it’s moving along. Hopefully the beginning of next year.

I’ve seen the “Major Payne” music video. I know you guys are down with Major Payne. Give me your Top 5 “So Bad It’s Good” 90s movies.

MORGAN: I’d put Encino Man on there. I think that’s from the 90s.

MIKE: That is TOTALLY from the 90s, I’m sure.

MORGAN: That one I liked a lot when I was a kid.

MIKE: What’s another good one?

MORGAN: I can go down a deep Paulie Shore hole. In The Army Now and Bio-Dome I think are still both pretty funny.

MIKE: Face-Off is up there.





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