MORGAN: That one’s pretty bad.

MIKE: What’s the Steven Seagal movie where he fights the reggae guy?

MORGAN: Marked For Death! That one’s great. My brother and I watched that. The villain is Screwface and he has a twin, it’s so tight.

MIKE: [Laughs.] Yeah!

MORGAN: He has a twin and no one knows he has a twin. They have these messed up scars on their face where they both have the same scars, or maybe one of them is like a mirror image flipped, like that’s the only way you can tell them apart. But they don’t tell anyone that there’s a twin, they make everyone think that they can be in two places at once, like he’s just a supernatural guy. But yeah. Reggae.

Is that five? I lost track.

MORGAN: That’s five if you count the three Paulie Shore movies.

MIKE: Ok, there you go, we got it. Three Paulie Shore movies, two action movies.  [Laughs.]

MORGAN: Face-Off wasn’t from the 90s though, was it?

MIKE: I think it is.

MORGAN: I think it’s from the early 2000s.

I’m pretty sure it was from 1997.

MORGAN: Oh ok, I didn’t think they had enough technology to do that. [Laughs.]

MIKE: It doesn’t take much technology to do what they did there. *motions as if putting on a mask* “Now I’m Nicolas Cage!”

MORGAN: I like a lot of the Arnold Schwarzenegger movies from that time too. Kindergarten Cop is pretty good.

MIKE: Yeah, Total Recall is super good.

MORGAN: I like True Lies too.

MIKE: Yeah True Lies is great! True Lies is super funny.

Is that even a bad movie though?

MORGAN: No, it’s not a bad movie. It’s a good movie.

Last question: What’s your favorite Spice Girls song?

MORGAN: I like the one with “zig-ah zig-ah tell me what you want.” “Make me really wanna zig-ah zig-ah.” It’s hilarious.

MIKE: I think I’m gonna have to throw down for “Wannabe” as well. I remember seeing that video when I was a kid and just being like, “what is this?” Like not even being able to process it. Because I just listened to punk music, and it was difficult for me to even be able to process what that song was.

MORGAN: Our friend Danny is in a [pop punk] band called Jabber and at Fest they did an all Spice Girls cover set. It was tight. They usually play “Wannabe” when they just play normally and it’s fucking awesome. It fucking rocks.


Interview by Mike Dunn. You can stalk Mike on Facebook here.


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