After a group disbands you can’t help but wonder what comes next for the guitarist, the violin player, the frontman whose anthems soundtracked your life. Often you’ll see the musician take a break from it all. Other times two or more members will start a new band, and every now and again, solo careers will manifest themselves.

Just two months since Yellowcard performed “Way Away” and “Ocean Avenue” for the last time (at least for now), Ryan Key has told the world exactly what he plans to do next.

Following two decades and ten studio albums with his Florida based pop-punk band, today it was announced via Twitter that Ryan Key is making his own solo record.



It’ll be interesting to see if Ryan Key has another Ocean Avenue under his belt or if his solo album will go in a completely new direction.



What do you think a solo album from Ryan Key will sound like? Let us know in the comments.


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