LIKEYOUSAID recently had the chance to speak with members of Somos, a Boston pop-punk band that has been gaining momentum since they first self released their hooky full-length, Temple Of Plenty. Two splits and numerous shows came in the year that followed, before November of 2015 when the band joined Hopeless Records, an indie record label that supports household names like New Found Glory, Have Mercy, and Taking Back Sunday. During our interview, vocalist/bassist Michael Fiorenetino and guitarist Phil Haggerty shared their go-to spots in Boston, favorite TV shows, and major influences. They also spoke about the making of their new record, First Day Back, which will be out on February 19th. Read the full interview with Somos below.

Hi! It’s Tori of LIKEYOUSAID. Thanks for joining us for an interview. Could you tell us your names and what you do in the band?

Phil: I’m Phil, I play guitar in Somos.

Mike: I’m Mike, I play bass and sing in Somos.

Great, well since Somos is based out of Massachusetts, we have to ask, what’s your favorite place to go out to eat in Boston?

Mike: Mine would probably be Jim’s Deli in Brighton, it’s really good!

Phil: I’m sorta on a budget- I work in the North End but there is this sweet spot called Ernesta’s on Salem Street… for $4 you get a slice the size of a quarter pizza.

Oh, I’ll have to try those. So, do you have time to watch TV between shows and practice, and if so, what are you watching right now?

Phil: I just finished House Of Cards, I really like politics in that show, and I like to watch Frontline documentaries. I try to learn as much as I can from them. But if I’m going to just zone out and watch something then I watch Grey’s Anatomy.

Mike: I like Frontline too- although I do like to binge watch The Sopranos. I love the acting.

Oh yeah, the acting in The Sopranos is up there with Breaking Bad and The Wire. Really, really good. Have you ever thought about what your dream tour line up would be?

Phil: The Clash…

Mike: And the 1975!

Phil: The Clash and the 1975.

And who are your favorite local bands from Boston?

Mike: The Hotelier is a favorite. They’re from Worcester. I really like Transit and Speedy Ortiz is really good too.

Phil: There’s a band called Kitner based out of Allston. I’m not sure I’d call them a favorite yet, but one of our old friends is in that band. We want to watch and see what they do. Hopefully they keep touring.

What other bands are you influenced by?

Mike: Bloc Party, Tokyo Police Club, that sorta vibe.

Phil: It’s weird. We were three or four years younger when we wrote a lot of these songs. Our influences have definitely changed a bit.


Somos at The Sinclair in Boston, MA

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Speaking of influences, here is the most hard hitting question you will ever be asked in any interview: Who is your favorite Spice Girl?

Phil: I’d have to ask my girlfriend, I don’t really know any Spice Girls.

Mike: Shorty Spice?

Phil: [Laughs.] I think a better question would be “Could we name a Spice Girl”.

Could you name a Spice Girl?

Phil: [Laughs.] Good one.


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Since Somos formed in 2012, you’ve released a demo, a full-length, and two splits with Have Mercy and Sorority Noise. You’ve played a lot of great shows, including your slot on The Movielife reunion tour. You are well loved in your hometown of Boston and cities all over the world. This is a big moment for the band, isn’t it?

Phil: Oh yeah, I think so! We finished a new record that we’ll be releasing really soon, and we finished a couple new videos. The new video has been a long time coming. We’ve tried a lot of new stuff as a band and we’ve all grown as writers in the process.

Mike: We took a lot of influences from the 1975. With this record we really wanted to do more darker synth and dancier stuff, but still aggressive and guitar driven.

That sounds like a great direction to go in. I can’t wait to hear it!

Mike: Thanks!

Phil: We think so too.


Just last week, Somos released “Reminded/Weighed Down”, the third single off First Day Back. The band had already put out music videos for “Alright, I’ll Wait” and “Thorn In The Side” in anticipation of the album’s February 19th debut. On March 3rd, Somos will host a Record Release Show in Boston before heading out on tour with Petal & The Superweaks and Animal Flag.



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Interview by Tori King. Instagram: @ToriKing90. Photo by Nick Karp.


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