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When Braintree indie rock band, Barricades released their debut album With Perfect Aim in 2013, they were five years into their musical journey together and rocking Chuck Taylor’s on their feet. In anticipation of that first album, Barricades landed studio time with Aaron Bastienelli (The Hold Steady, Vacationer), and became the first band to participate in the Converse Rubber Tracks recording sessions in Boston. Their music has since received air play on radio stations like 100.7 WZLX and 107.3 WAAF and landed the band on Boston Emissions’ Rock & Roll Rumble.

Following some time away and a series of sessions at Kennedy Studios in Burlington, Massachussetts, Barricades will release their sophomore effort, a six-track EP called When It Hits You. Their hooky first single “Please” informs the name of the album, and is among the many songs you’ll hear at the band’s record release party at ONCE in Somerville on Thursday, July 7th.

We recently had the chance to catch up with Jared Walsh vocals/guitar, Chris Norton vocals/guitar, Dan Norton drums, Justin Lutz bass, and Matt DiVito guitar/synth/vocals ahead of the debut of “Please”.


Imagine you hit it so big with When It Hits that you’re all over the radio, getting GRAMMY nominations, having bobble head dolls made of each of you, the works. At your next show you get to have a rider and can put anything you want on it. What’s going on your rider?

Jared: Purple skittles and Ranch sunflower seeds.

Chris: A dude dressed in a clown suit awaiting to take you on in a Mario Kart tournament in the green room.

Dan: Haribo Gold Bears separated by flavor into different bowls. A brandy glass full of brown M&Ms. And some Four Roses single barrel.

[Laughs.] I’m rooting for you guys and the dude in the clown suit. So, your new EP comes out on July 1st. When and where is your Record Release Show going to be?

Dan: July 7th at Once Lounge in Somerville, MA!

What other bands will be playing with you?

Chris: Look Sharp, a raucous good time on stage and TBD: the band.

And before we premiere your new single “Please”, could you tell us the story behind this song?

Jared: It’s a song I wrote shortly after I started dating my girlfriend, Haley. It’s a about being struck by something out of nowhere, when previous situations had made you think you had very little chance in finding a spark. And by circumstance and chance, you’ve found something and don’t want to let it go because you know it’s something really to hold on to.

Chris: …And then we riffed the shit out of it.

Without further ado, here it is, the official debut of the new Barricades single, “Please” off When It Hits You, out July 1st, 2016.



Article by Lia Gurin. Photos by Dave Green.


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