It’s not every week that we get a new album’s worth of songs from some of the most legendary artists in the industry, but every now again we get a killer week like this one…. All killer, no filler. Get it?

Whether you’re an Amoeba Music regular or searching Spotify like it’s your day job, this is a great time to hear some new music. Here are 5 new albums that you need to listen to this week.


5). Sum 41 – 13 Voices 



13 Voices is an album we weren’t sure would ever be created, and that in itself adds to its appeal. This record shows a darker side of Sum 41 than we’ve grown to expect, but in part, Deryck Whibley’s candor surrounding his recovery makes up for the absence of party pop-punk tracks that first brought the band to our attention.

It’s introspective, it’s honest, and although it’s not the band’s best work to date, 13 Voices is well worth the listen.



Listen to 13 Voices on Spotify


4). NOFX – First Ditch Effort



I’ll say what I always say when NOFX releases a new catalogue of music — if you’re already a fan of Fat Mike and his crazy antics, this album’s for you, otherwise keep scrolling.

First Ditch Effort celebrates NOFX’s knack for creating fun, fast, catchy, and careless songs, and to add to this appeal, the band is more reflective about themselves than ever before on their 13th studio album. This is especially true on the unordinary album closer, “Generation Z”.



Listen to First Ditch Effort on Spotify


3). Balance and Composure – Light We Made


It was Balance and Composure’s 2013 angsty rock record The Things We Think We’re Missing that first brought the Pennsylvania quartet to many of our lives. And while their break-out album may have been a tough act to follow, B & C has succeeded with Light We Made. Musically the album has more synth around the edges, but lyrically, it doesn’t depart from its predecessors, and in this case, that’s a positive.



Listen to Light We Made on Spotify


2). Joyce Manor – Cody



“What do you think about Kanye West?” This isn’t a question you would expect on the opening track of a much anticipated lo-fi emo band’s album, but “Fake I.D” proves to be a fitting song written from the perspective of a drunk, hot girl who prefers Yeezy to the greats like John Steinbeck and Phil Hartman.

Vocalist Barry Johnson’s observations of the world are fluid throughout Cody, a complex and exploratory record that far exceeds our already heightened expectations of Joyce Manor.




Listen to Cody on Spotify


1).  Green Day- Revolution Radio



While Sum 41 may have musically departed from their “Fat Lip” hey-days on their new album, Green Day has created a record chock-full of the sorts of youthful punk songs that first blasted them onto the airwaves and into our hearts. Revolution Radio showcases the band’s trademark power chords and hooky melodies, while delving into major issues surrounding politics, media, and society at large.

Thirty years since their formation, Green Day is just as fired up and eager to revolt as ever before. Good riddance.




Listen to Revolution Radio on Spotify


Other notable albums released on October 7th: Set It Off – Upside Down, The Devil Wears Prada – Transit Blues, Animal Flag – LP


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