Starbucks. Dunkin’ Donuts. Peet’s Coffee. Think CoffeeSweet Donkey. Blue State. Krispy Kreme. Trident. Mad River Coffee. Marylou’s.  Cold Brew. Iced. Dark Roast. Medium Roast. Blonde Roast. Decaf. Espresso. Cappuccino. Latte… whatever your preference may be, on this national coffee day let’s stop by our local cafe for a complimentary coffee, or pick our most cherished mug from the kitchen cabinet, brew a few cups, and listen to the 6 best emo and punk songs about coffee ever written.

Happy national coffee day!


6 – Black Flag “Black Coffee”

A lot of people thought this song was about hard drugs at first, but really, it’s about staying up late while on the road. Just one listen and you’ll feel that coffee buzz.

Sample lyrics: “Drinkin’ black coffee, black coffee / Drinkin’ black coffee, starin’ at the walls / Black coffee, black coffee, black coffee / Starin’ at the walls, black coffee”



5 – The Wonder Years “Coffee Eyes”

You know that hometown diner you can always return to when you want to catch up with friends you haven’t seen in a while? That’s what this nostalgic song off Suburbia I’ve Given You All and Now I’m Nothing by pop-punk staples the Wonder Years is all about.

Sample lyrics: “There’s been a table for me there through coffee eyes and blank stares/ Our late night affairs / There’s always been a table for me there”



4- Descendents “Coffee Mug”

How many cups of coffee is the most you’ve ever consumed in a day? For the Descendents it’s at least 98, or is it 196?

Sample lyrics: “So for the moment / We’re all pretty good to go /With 98 cups/ With 98 more to go / I don’t need no Booze or drugs / I Just chug-a-lug-o my coffee mug”



3 – Jimmy Eat World “Coffee and Cigarettes” 

This sorrowful track off of 2010’s Invented is all about sharing coffee and cigarettes with an old friend. It’s a song written in the wake of Jim Adkins’ move west, one that momentarily has you pondering if the Jimmy Eat World frontman will ever have the opportunity to experience coffee or cigarettes again…

Sample lyrics:  “Coffee and Cigarettes/ As simple as it gets /Of all the things I think I’ll miss /There’s staying up with you /Coffee and Cigarettes / Coffee and Cigarettes”



2-  Beastie Boys “Intergalatic”

This song isn’t exclusively about coffee but the lyric about the Beastie Boys liking their sugar with coffee and cream has popped into my head every other Starbucks visit since 1998, so not including it would be doing a disservice to coffee, sugar, and cream everywhere.

Sample lyrics: “Jazz and AWOL, That’s Our Team/Step inside the party, disrupt the whole scene / When it comes to beats, well, I’m a fiend /I like my sugar with coffee and cream”



1- Copeland “Coffee” 

This is arguably the most romantic song about coffee ever written. From Copeland’s beloved 2003 album Beneath The Medicine Tree comes “Coffee”, a soft and heartfelt track about a boy doing whatever he can to savor the moment with the girl he loves.

Sample lyrics: “There’s so many things I have to say / I’ll stay up all night to hear about your day/ We do the best we can in a small town /Act like kids in love when the sun goes down /If it’s not too late for coffee I’ll be at your place in ten /We’ll hit that all night diner and then we’ll see”



What’s your favorite coffee song? Let us know how right or wrong we are in the comments.


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