Milo goes to college. Milo graduates. And then Milo announces the July release of The Descendents’ new record Hypercaffium Spazzinate at a hometown show in the south bay region of LA.

On Wednesday, The Descendents released six new tracks, “Feel This,” “Victim of Me,” “On Paper,” “Testosterone,” “Full Circle,” and “Shameless Halo” at a secret concert, which the insurgent punk band played to a crowd of 200. According to this show review from Noisey, all of the band’s new tracks “sounded like Descendents songs (which is to say they were catchy, short and full of energy)” “And, yes, maybe the south bay isn’t the coolest place to live these days”, the Noisey writer noted, “but the crowd danced and bopped its head to the new material with the type of respect you’re supposed to show your elders because even in the yuppie-fied Hermosa of 2016, Descendents are still viewed as local-boys-done-good for more-or-less creating pop punk and, an argument can be made, emo. No amount of yoga studios and gelato shops will ever change that.”



The band’s new album will be released through Epitaph Records. This will be The Descendents’ first studio record release since 2004’s Cool To Be You.

Album art hasn’t been made public as of yet, but we’re hoping that the Milo caricature, which has now appeared on four out of six Descendents albums will materialize on Hypercaffium Spazzinate with a tour to follow. 


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