Eight years following the release of DirectionThe Starting Line has dropped a three-track EP and it sounds better than ever. Anyways is a perfectly narrated comeback album — angsty, hopeful, reflective — classic Starting Line.

“Well I’ve given it a lot of time / To get my life set straight and my head on right”, Kenny Vasoli sings in the opening lines of the album’s introspective titular track. The hooky single carries the youthful sound of Say It Like You Mean It, but adds a certain wisdom that could have only been brought about by some solo soul-searching.



The album’s second track, “Quitter”, is a fast-paced, drum-heavy song that show’s off Kenny Vasoli’s falsetto and Will Nip’s (The Wonder Years, Man Overboard, Circa Survive) knack for producing great records. The song blends together candid and somewhat defeatist lyrics with a modern day aggression that is prominent throughout the EP. Its a side of Kenny Vasoli that we haven’t necessarily seen as much through his experimental rock bands, Person L and Vacationer.

The album closes with “Luck”, a mid-tempo anthem that channels the warmth that can be felt on every song on The Make Yourself At Home EP. “Luck” isn’t a new song, in fact, the Starting Line first debuted it at their Annual Holiday Show in Phillidelphia half a decade ago. However, it is a stand out song that has been compared to the Pixies “Where Is My Mind?” time and time again over the years it’s spent bumbling around the internet.

In contrast to previous records, Anyways offers continuity to the trademark pop-punk sound that the Starting Line has perfected since the band first got together back in 1999. Anyways doesn’t divert into any foreign territory, and it doesn’t need to. “We’re always going to sound like the Starting Line”, Kenny Vasoli shared in an interview with PhillyVoice last fall. “I feel like I’ve stepped back far enough that I can really identify with what I liked about pop-punk and what I appreciate about it now.”


The Starting Line’s new EP, Anyways, is currently available for digital download. You can also purchase the 7″ vinyl, or stream the album on Spotify. While news of a tour is yet to surface, the Starting Line has announced that they will perform at the 10th Anniversary of The Slam Dunk Festival in the UK. Here’s to hoping that the one-off date is just the beginning of a full-fledged Starting Line reunion.




Article by LIKEYOUSAID Staff. Follow @LIKEYOUSAIDnews on Instagram for your chance to win your copy of the Starting Line’s Anyways EP on vinyl.


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