What do the Stone Temple Pilots, Blink 182, the Misfits and Joy Divison have in common? They have all, at one point or another, contemplated going their separate ways, but ultimately made the decision to continue on with a new frontman.

On Friday, the Stone Temple Pilots launched another search for a lead singer, following the departure of Chester Bennington and the untimely death of Scott Weiland, who fronted the band through 2013. But rather than turning to the massive amount of established musicians that would eagerly occupy the spot in the band, the Pilots have opened a casting call to the general public.

A statement posted to the band’s website by Eric Kretz, Dean and Robert DeLeo read, “If you think you have what it takes to front this band, record with this band, and tour with this band, we would dig hearing from you.” Submissions are also open to the public and you can actually listen to the audio samples that hopeful vocalists have already sent in through the Pilots’ website.

The three remaining members of the band have also posted this video of themselves rocking out and declaring, “The Stone Temple Pilots wants you”.


Know someone who’s thinking of applying? Tell us about it.


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