When Jesse George saw Not Fade Away, a drama film that follows a group of friends living in 1960s suburban New Jersey, he knew that he wanted to start a band. “The movie follows this band that is trying to make a name for themselves by becoming The Rolling Stones. It’s produced by David Chase, the creator of The Sopranos. As soon as I heard ‘Time Is On My Side’ play during that movie, I was like, ‘I’m doing it. I’m starting a band’.”

Not long after seeing the film, the singer-guitarist joined forces with drummer and longtime friend, Matt Rocco, to form The Ways Ways. “We played a lot of originals and a handful of covers at our first show”, Matt recalls. “One of those covers was ‘Time Is On My Side’.”

Over the next few years the two-piece continued to play gigs around Boston and the south shore before completing their lineup with bassist Jack Dennison and guitarist-percussionist-key player, Patrick Fahey. On February 13th, 2016, The Way Ways released  Seafoam, a catchy four-track EP that showcases their 1960s flair and unbounded musical ability. LIKEYOUSAID recently had the chance to speak with the up and coming band about how The Rolling Stones and The Beatles influenced their sound and which TV soundtracks they would most like to be featured on. Read the full interview with The Way Ways below:

Hey! This is Lia Gurin & Alyce Packard from LIKEYOUSAID and we are joined by The Way Ways, a new wave band from Quincy, Massachusetts.
To start off, could you tell us about how the band first got together?

Matt: Jesse and I met through Something Sneaky, his other band. I filled in for drums for them and we started jamming four years ago. We started as a two-piece, just drums, and guitar and vocals.

Jesse: Jack and I are cousins. We used to play in a band called War Presidents.

Jack: Yeah, we grew up playing music together.

Now take us back to the first ever Way Ways show. What was that like?

Jesse: We played a Halloween show.

Did you dress like the Misfits?

Matt: I was a werewolf in a tuxedo. Jesse wore a pumpkin on his head. [Laughs.] We played across the street at the Presidents Rock Club (RIP). Now it’s the Kelly’s Cellar, it’s a really seedy dive bar. 

What are some of your musical influences, individually or collectively?

Jack: I started playing drums first, but when I started playing bass, I was heavy into emo at the time. Robert Pope of The Get Up Kids, their bass player, probably more than any other player, had a huge influence on how I started playing bass and how I play now.

Patrick: We all grew up on the classic stuff like The Rolling Stones and The Beatles.

Jesse: I listened to a lot of Van Morrison and AC/DC, I learned how to play guitar on that. Early Stones and early Beatles is why we formed, really.

Matt: We wanted to learn a bunch of old covers and be kind of in that ’50s and ’60s vein and then after a while we started writing our own stuff.

Patrick: It makes sense that the band covered “Time Is On My Side” first, that’s kind of the benchmark.


This next one is a really hard-hitting question. It’s a personal one, so I hope you guys are ready. Who is your favorite Spice Girl and why?

Jack: Posh Spice because she’s so sassy.

Jesse: The Beckham.

Jack: So, when I was a kid [Laughs.] My younger cousins, they were girls, so I was super exposed to Spice Girls culture, you know? And I had no choice but to think about and consider each of the Spice Girls. At first I liked Baby because she was blonde and I was nine and had it in my head that blondes were hot. But as I got older, I was most attracted to Ginger, and I’m sorry to make it about their appearance, but I couldn’t distinguish them from their musical contribution.

Matt: Is there a Pumpkin Spice? [Laughs.] I’d be the one wearing Uggs, leggings, and Dunkin’ Donuts.

[Everyone laughs.]

That’s a fantastic meme.

Jesse: I thought Matt made that up!

Hey Jesse, do you have the internet?

Jesse: [Laughs.] I do. And I have basic cable.

Matt: Jesse watches The Bachelor.

Speaking of which — If a major network like ABC on FOX approached you and offered The Way Ways the chance to do the soundtrack for any existing television show, past or current, which show would you choose?



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