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If you aren’t familiar with together PANGEA by now then welcome to the party that you won’t ever want to leave. We’ll be refilling your solo cups all evening.

Together PANGEA has been dominating stage after stage since they first got together in Cal Arts back in 2009. Since their formation, PANGEA has toured alongside the Black Lips, Ty Segall, Wavves and longtime friends, FIDLAR. They have also created four records, including The Phage, an infectious EP that shows off the band’s personality and knack for creating hooky surf rock.

During our interview, together PANGEA talks about dream tour lineups, the upsides to having a show in Dallas shut down, and favorite rockstar moments (spoiler alert: they might sign your boobs if you ask nicely). Read the full interview with together PANGEA below.


Hi, this is Martin Santacruz Jr. of LIKEYOUSAID. Thanks for joining me for this interview. Can you state your names and roles in the band?

Danny. Bass.

William. I sing and play guitar.

Roland. Lead guitar.

Eric. I play drums.

Can you tell us the origins of together PANGEA? How did the musical adventure begin?

William: Danny and I have known each other for a while. Danny started going to Cal Arts and we started playing shows in and around that area. Then we did house shows and gallery spaces, which brings us to about a year and a half ago, when we met Roland and he started playing lead guitar with us. That’s the short skinny.

If there were a film soundtrack you guys wish you had done, what film would that be?

Danny: Point Break.

William: True Romance.

Eric: Glengarry Glen Ross because I don’t think that movie has any music in it.

Roland: Yeah, I don’t know.

As far as your music goes, the song “Awful” and “Alive” are complete opposites. The composition of those two songs with regards to the composition and lyrics, how do you guys work through that?

William: “Alive” is an exception. A lot of the time, I’ll start the song just writing it on acoustic guitar and singing whatever comes out— chords, lyrics, melodies. Then I bring in the band to make it more rock and roll. But “Alive” was one of the few songs that happened while we were rehearsing. Then I sort of yelped crap over it and then refined the lyrics later.



If there were a fantasy lineup with bands past or present that you would be the headliner for, what two bands would you want opening for you? Where would you play?

Eric: I don’t know if we could follow these acts but I would definitely one day want to play a show with Ween. They’re like my favorite band.

William: Okay, so the first band is the Beatles. In the middle is the Rolling Stones and then us.

Danny: I want Creed, then Nickleback at the L.A. River. [Laughs.]

Eric: That’s perfect. That’s the venue for all of these concerts.

Are there any lessons learned from making the last EP, The Phage that you will take with you on your next release?

William: Yeah, going in there and banging out the songs really fast. With Badillac we took our sweet-ass time, but with Tommy Stinson [of the Replacements] producing our last EP, it was his idea to kind of go, “Let’s bang them out in two takes max and pick your favorite.” I think it worked out really well.

Eric: And just simplify.

Danny: Everything we had done prior to The Phage, we had spent way too much time on. So it was really cool and liberating to have somebody like Tommy producing it.

What has been your latest rockstar moment so far?

William: I signed some boobs earlier. That’s pretty rock and roll. I mean, I’m not into that stuff but it was funny to do! Opening for the Replacements seems like that.

Danny: Everything that’s ever happened in the Netherlands.


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You have toured extensively since the release of your first EP until now. Do you have any horror stories from the road that had you believing it was the end of everything?

William: We’re lucky enough to where nothing terrible has happened.

Eric: We had a show in Dallas that got shut down and we had to move the show. That’s not even that bad.

William: That was kind of fun actually.

Eric: That was kind of fun.

What happened with that?

William: They shut it down because kids were moshing and they were like, ‘You need to control your crowd.’

Danny: The show was at this weird kind of scummy area in Dallas and this venue clearly had gentrification that was coming with the neighborhood. It was this weird outdoor restaurant slash venue. The stage was really cool and it was made out of shipping crates. Yeah, they freaked out when kids started dancing and moshing and shut it down.

William: They cut off the mics and it was over, but luckily there was another venue in town where we could go and play a full set.

So directly from there you went to—

William: Yeah, we just told everybody that was where to go.

Eric: Twitter helped.

Danny: We played at 1AM and we didn’t know if it’d work. But it was much more successful than the first show!

Together Pangea


When you guys listen to music, what do you want music to do to you? What do you want your music to do to the listener?

Eric: Uh, boners?

William: When I listen to music, it depends, you know? If you’re in a good mood and you’re hanging out with your friends, you want music to turn you up.

Danny: Intensify that mood.

William: But if you’re feeling introverted, you’re alone or you’re kind of bummed out or something, you want music that you feel understands you.

Danny: We treat music as a drug, you know? Certain bands and genres are uppers and some are downers. I just listen to music to go to sleep. That’s pretty much it. Other than that I listen to podcasts.

William: I think I want our music to—when I was a teenager I had a hard time finding things that I truly connected to. So I would like to make music that people could truly connect to.

Is there any advice you have for future musicians that are just starting out?

William: Rehearse, a lot.

Danny: Play a lot.

William: Play a lot and care about what you are doing, a lot. And just fuck around and have fun, a lot.

Perfect answer. What is next for together PANGEA?

Danny: New music. We’ve got a handful of songs we’ve done before this tour. Get in the studio and hammer out a new LP we’re aiming to have out this summer.

William: And Europe!

So that was all the questions that I had and now it’s time for the lightning round and we are playing for a Yogurtland gift card.


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Article and photos by Martin Santacruz Jr. Twitter: @Martin_Rules


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