The last time Piebald played a concert in their home state of Massachusetts was in 2008, shortly before The Dark Knight became the biggest movie in the country and Spotify had its official launch party. Since then, the band has briefly reunited at the Bamboozle festival in 2010 before retreating to opposite coasts.

During their 14 years together (from 1994-2008), Piebald released some of the most celebrated rock, post-hardcore, and pop-punk songs of the era. The legacy that Piebald created has lived on through mixtapes, emo night playlists, and a multitude of new bands influenced by the band’s often insightful, sometimes sarcastic music, which always seems to be chock-full of monkey references.

As the Piebald reunion tour approaches and in honor of the early 2000s (what’s up, MySpace?), we have compiled a top 8 list of Piebald songs to help you ring in the reunion tour. Check out all of our picks below and let us know what songs you would like to hear in the comments.


8).Just A Simple Plan” – We Are The Only Friends We Have

If you’re bored then you must be boring too. Truer words have never been spoken. This song has more “yeah’s” than Say Anything’s …Is A Real Boy, and its instinctive lyrics and fast tempo will bring everybody on the dance floor.



7). “Fear and Loathing on Cape Cod” – We Are The Only Friends We Have

Anyone who grew up in Massachusetts and spent summers cruising down I-495 South can relate to “Fear and Loathing.” This road trip song captures the pros and cons of our state’s go-to vacation spot perfectly. Cape Cod: “It’s the most comfortable and uncomfortable place.”



6). “The Benefits of Ice Cream” – All Ears, All The Time

Author’s note: When I first picked up All Ears, All The Time at Newbury Comics in 2004, I saw that the album’s opener was “The Benefits of Ice Cream” and immediately wanted to name a book I was working on after it. I also intuitively went next door to Baskin Robbins to explore 31 different flavors of ice cream. Any song that brings me to the ice cream parlor in five minutes or less is a great song in my eyes.

This song isn’t as much about ice cream as it is about comforting yourself and improving tough situations, hence, the benefits of ice cream.



5). “The Monkey Versus The Robot”- We Are The Only Friends We Have

Work sucks, Piebald knows. A lot of Piebald lyrics are about their issues with the world, specifically the workforce. This is a punchy tune that’s easy to relate to whether you’re an aspiring artist, on the 9-5 grind, or just a little unhappy with the power dynamics society’s instilled in a typical workplace. Good thing that Piebald has the best job ever. Yeah, they really got lucky. They’re nobody’s robot. They’re nobody’s monkey.





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