The Waterparks debut album has been on our minds since Good Charlotte first introduced us to the young, pop-punk band from Houston last year— and now the wait is almost over. Recorded by Benji Madden and Courtney Ballard, Double Dare will be out on November 4th via Equal Vision Records.

“Everything about it is expanded and bigger,” says frontman Awsten Knight, who unofficially serves as the hairstylist for himself and his bandmates, Geoff Wigington, Otto Wood, and Mikey Way of My Chemical Romance. “We wanted to push the boundaries to show people that you can be more than one thing.” He adds, “This album has been in the works since last August or September, and in that time I’ve felt and dealt with a lot of different things. I was probably more open than I should be with some stuff but it’s fine. Honest songs are always best. It’s also got me at my happiest.”

Along with the album announcement, Waterparks has also premiered an anthemic first single called “Stupid For You”. Hear it for yourself below.

This fall, Waterparks will support Sleeping with Sirens on The Madness Tour with State Champs and Tonight Alive.



Double Dare Track Listing

1. Hawaii (Stay Awake)
2. Gloom Boys
3. Stupid For You
4. Royal
5. Take Her to the Moon
6. Made in America
7. Dizzy
8. Powerless
9. Little Violence
10. 21 Questions
11. It Follows
12. Plum Island
13. I’ll Always Be Around

Pre-order Double Dare and get more info on the fall tour on the Waterparks website.

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