Part 1 of this article: What If Every Neighborhood In Brooklyn Were A Band?


Greenpoint: Type O Negative


I remember seeing the late Pete Steele play in BK. His hulking frame holding that double bass like a chopstick was both intimidating and incredible. Greenpoint is a subtly loud place. The Hipsters and Polish folk intertwine in glorious fashion. The Kielbasa and pierogies make you forget that you’re in Brooklyn, and make you feel like you’re blitzed in the middle of Krakow. Type O Negative was something above your run-of-the-mill heavy Goth band; they had a soul. That’s what Greenpoint is… It’s two halves of a whole, it’s that Yin/Yang formed into a perfect symmetry.


Manhattan Beach: The Prodigy


Maybe I associate M-Beach with the Prodigy because my 20-something year old, wannabe DJ neighbor is consistently remixing “Smack My Bitch Up,” and that’s the first thing that I hear most mornings.  Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn… My hometown, y’all! We’re all the way down south from the big city. We’re a good 50 minute train ride into Manhattan, but we don’t give a shit. We got the Beach, we got nice cribs, and we don’t got all of you tourists to worry about (except from Memorial Day to Labor Day). From the outside — most of the citizens of this hood seem docile, but when the sun goes down — all of the fire-starters come out to play. Drag racing, sex parties, bong pong (it’s like beer pong, but with…bongs), it all gets going throughout this picturesque hamlet. Then when the morning sun makes its way back up — the “Voodoo People” go back into their suit and ties.


Park Slope: The Decemberists

Park Slope is where all of the aging Hipsters from Williamsburg move to start families and swap their skateboards for baby strollers. The Decemberists are like a fine Hipster band, which has been delicately aged and refined in an oak barrel. Their lyrics are spun from Colin Meloy’s collegiate creative writing-majoring chops. Stemming from, of course, Portland, Oregon (which is pretty much a giant Park Slope), the Decemberists are the kings (and queen) of lyrical indie folk rock. Park Slope is refined, full of life, and filled with talented people, just like the Decemberists!


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Article by Andre Zemnovitsch.


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