At the moment Katy Perry is just getting out of bed. Soon she will brush her teeth, set up some dominoes and await the arrival of her many guests.

Wait. How do we know this?

In order to bring attention to her fifth studio album Witness, the 32-year-old pop singer is livestreaming her entire weekend from the comfort of her home. There are cameras set up in every room, including her bedroom where you can watch her sleep. Creepy? Maybe. Amusing? Yes.

Once awake, each morning Katy Perry also plans to do confessionals and answer fan questions from around the globe. The live YouTube feed feels a lot like a Big Brother episode.

If you have plans this weekend, live it up, and maybe take a listen to the new Katy Perry album (below). But if you have the time, here’s something to watch for the next 72 hours…



As of today, Katy Perry has released three singles off Witness: “Chained to the Rhythm”, “Bon Appetit”, and “Swish Swish”. Last night Perry also live streamed a YouTube performance of the album that she will likely be singing to the cameras until Monday comes.


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